Scarecrow Farm


Have reached McBride, and taking a few days off the bikes at Scarecrow Farm, it makes a good change to stop a while, but already planning the next route.  The ride has still been great, we headed into the farmland around Smithers and now have climbed back up into the mountains, we are between the Cariboo range and Columbia mountains and the start of the Rockies. The views were great but now you can hardly see anything, the air is very hazy as so many forest fires are burning in the area. From here we will travel on towards Kamloops before cutting across to Whistler and on to Vancouver. On our way to McBride we saw black bear cubs right by the side of us, but quickly headed on before we saw the Mum. We also had Moose in our campsite with three young calves, which was great to see.

Smithers, BC

A perfect camp spot!

“one more cup of coffee for the road”

The surly long haul trucker!

The Mack long haul Trucker!

The Ancient Forest on the way to McBride

Pruden lake, a really lovely swimming spot after a hot cycle.

Lorely filtering water at Slim creek.

Smokey skies and Russ with his new licence plate!

Hay time at Scarecrow farm.

 Scarecrow farm

Kittens in the barn!

White water rafting with Tweazle, Peter and family.

In the flat back Ford

Scarecrow Farm

Scarecrow Farm.






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