On a bed of Californian stars….



Our ride has taken us down the Californian coast and the misty cliffs of Northern California have given way to the palm tree lined streets of Southern California. The road has rolled along the coast sometimes quite narrow but always giving us great views and plenty of excuses to rest while taking photos!

Highway one, Big Sur.

Another photo stop!

Took this photo while waiting for the washing to dry at the Laundromat!

Lorely was map reading again!!

Pumpkins are a really big deal deal here, we have been past so many pumpkin patches.

Street art, Monterey.

Mail boxes, Big Sur.

Big Sur Coast, a really great ride it is so beautiful.

A very wet day, but luckily there was a group of us so set up a colourful tarp covering at the camp!

The next day the clouds rolled away and it was just lovely.

McCay Canyon.

Inside the all American diner, Oceano.

Russ fixing his bike out side a bike shop in Santa Barbara.

The hiker biker site at Refugio State Beach.

Santa Barbara.

Carpinteria State Beach.

The shed, Patagonia, where it all began, Ventura.

Fields of turf!!

So this is Hollywood!

Amoeba Music store.

Where’s Wally!

Malibu, California

“Until things are brighter I’m the man in black.”

Street art.

Hollywood Blvd.






City Lights…


we have arrived in San Francisco and have taken a few rest days off!! Although not sure how much rest we have had with all the hills and things to see it feels that we have walked as many miles as we cycle. The city has been really good fun, Haight Ashbury City Lights book store, China Town and crazy steep and wiggly streets.

The excellent cycle path to Samuel P Taylor a good end to a very hot day on Highway 1.

The vicarage at Tomales.

Now we both have broken kickstands! This was a good resting tree.

A beachcomber decorations.

Tomales Bay

A feast for the hungry cyclist.

The golden gate bridge, San Francisco.

San Francisco.

Delivering flowers, San Francisco style.

Street art, Haight Ashbury.

“If your going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”.

‘Poetry is the shadow cast by our streetlight imaginations’ Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

On the road!

Neil and Jack.

Broadway, San Francisco




Take me down to California…


We have continued on down highway 101 following the ocean through rolling sand dunes and into the huge redwood forests, before turning onto highway 1 winding right along the cliff edges, as a result we have hundreds of pictures of the cliffs, here is just a few hope they are not to repetitive…….  

Oregon Coast.

Newport Bridge, with the Rogue brewery underneath.

Sand Dunes, Oregon coast.

Sand dunes at Honeyman State Park.

Coffee break at the all American bar!

The Pacific Ocean.

Sunset at Humbug State Park.

Watching the waves.

more cliffs..


The mighty redwoods.

Take me down to California baby!!!

Redwood trees.

The Highway, at least we know we are going the right way!!

Wall paintings in Arcata.

Riding through the forest.

The roots of a fallen tree.

 Back at the Pacific ocean.

Highway 1

A rest stop with a view. 

What a load of bull!

On and on and Oregon


2500 miles and we have made it out to the Pacific Ocean! After a few days off  in Seattle and then in Olympia we were ready to get on our bikes again, and it has been good fun cycling down the coast, there are lots of towns and places to stop, so the days are flying by, it is a bit easier not having to carry so many supplies and there are plenty of campgrounds with specific spaces for cyclists!  We were told by everyone the Oregon coast would be wet, but after one very very wet day we have been lucky, with sun coming through the morning sea mist….

Leaving Seattle on the morning ferry.

Sea shells at Olympia.

The view from Karen and George’s house, where we spent a  great few days getting ready for the next bit of the journey.

“Underneath the bridge” from the muddy banks of the Wishkah. Aberdeen, Washington.

North Head light house, Washington.

Everyone is already in the Halloween mood!!

Wreck of the Peter Iredale, Oregon

A misty view at the top, with cyclists Ben and Devin.

Cape lookout, Oregon.

Autumn is coming!

The hiker biker camp at Cape Lookout.

Riding on the beach, good fun untill you need to get the sand off the chain!

Pacific City, Oregon

Pacific City.

The start of the lower 48!!

Canada, USA

Our journey through Canada has finished and we have started the next stage, which will take us down the Pacific coast to Mexico! As well as the beautiful views the thing we will remember most about Canada is the hospitality of people, who have not only helped us on the way, but have taken us into their homes and really looked after us, it has been amazing. We are now spending a few days in Seattle, it is good fun wandering in the  big cities after spending the last couple of months in the countryside. It’s great to get the mix of both.  The last few weeks have been easy cycling with ferry rides between the islands and a chance to have a few more rest days!

Porteau Cove Beach, Vancouver.

Alice Lake B.C.

Modern art in Vancouver

Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park.

The perfect driftwood seat, shame it wouldn’t fit on the bikes!

The lovely home of Ken and Lynne, who took us in for the night.

Camping on Salt Spring Island.

The houseboats on Vancouver Island, a little bit different from Annie Dolly!!

Antique shop in Sidney, Vancouver Island.

Chewing gum! Post Alley, Downtown Seattle.

The Green Tortoise Hostel, Downtown Seattle.

More gum!!