We are bound for Durango, to find Pancho Villa, we hear that he’s paying in gold.


We have arrived in mainland Mexico and up up and up into the mountains we climbed! From La Paz we took the cargo ferry across to Mazatlan, a 16 hour night ferry, quite basic but with a good dinner and breakfast included in the price. Arriving into the town was great it was early morning and we really felt like we had reached Mexico with the brightly painted houses and little streets, we soon found a hotel and went wandering!

The ferry to the mainland.

Russ, Jesse, Megs and Jules being loaded onto the ferry.


Megs working out on the beach!

Colourful Mexico.


Musicians on the beach.

Fresh coconuts, yummy!

From Mazatlan we began the five day ride up to Durango, Megs and Jules from Australia had decided to join us rather than taken the coastal route. We were really pleased to have their company and felt like a little team as we set out. Over the next five days we climbed more than 7000 meters, it was a tough ride but well wort h the effort, it was lovely to see the change in the vegetation as we climbed up from sea level to the highest pass of 2800 meters.

The first night we spent in the sweet little town of Copala, with tiny cobbled streets and a beautiful old misson.

On our second day, as the sun was setting we passed the Tropic of Cancer before finding a place to camp.

The views were fantastic and helped us on upwards!

Lorely and Megs buying fruit from the truck as it came through the town.

Riding the Devils spine.

The Devils spine, a series of switchbacks running along an amazing cliff face.

Catching our breath!!

Durango, we made it!  With our warmshowers host Frida.

Pancho Villa. Durango.


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