Some say the heart is just like a wheel, once you bend it you can’t mend it!?!

El Salvador, Guatemala

After cycling 7 months and passing through just 3 countries the US, Canada and Mexico we now plan to cycle around 2 months and pass through 7 countries, which feels funny and very exciting. We had a few rest days in Flores when we first arrived into Guatemala. Where we swam in the lake,drank in the coffee shops and visited the ruins of Tikal.

The colourful houses of Flores made wandering around even more enjoyable.

View of the grand plaza, Tikal.

Looking out over the jungle of Tikal.

A sunset swim.

We found the leaf cutter ants almost as fascinating as the ruins themselves.

Flores, Guatemala.

Cleaning the bikes and checking Russ’ wheel which for a month now has been starting to bulge. When two spokes broke on the way into Guatemala we decided to check out the rim and discovered it had cracked around some of the eyelets. With a visit to’ Chilly Willy’ bike shop in Flores and a change of spokes we had our fingers crossed it would last till Costa Rica where Lorely’s brother is bringing out a new rim.

The view from our tent of Lago de Izabal in Rio Dulce. A hot and busily town but with a cool breeze from the lake it made a good place to stay.

Good veggie burgers at the Sundog cafe, Rio Dulce.

Sunrise, Rio Dulce.

Fresh Pineapples a new road side favourite.

What we were hoping would last 6 weeks lasted 3 days! so a whirlwind 20 minutes of a ride in a cattle truck, a visit to the local welders and the bike shop. We soon found ourselves on the way to Guatemala city.

Flying along in the back of the cattle truck. The guys were so helpful taking us everywhere to try to sort out the wheel.

Graffiti in Guatemala city. Although most of the time was spent searching for bike shops it was fun to spend some time in the capital. We got to see the volcanoes on the way in and out, great veggie food in zona 1 and randomly meeting an old travel friend that we originally met in Mongolia. So I guess some things do happen for a reason.

Back out on the road with the wheel fixed, thanks to the helpful guys at Euro Bikes, we headed to the border of El Salvador .

Running from the gangs of money changers, we crossed the border and headed up the hill.

Apaneca, in the heart of coffee country. Riding along the Ruta de las Flores.

Antique shop, Juayua, El Salvador.

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