…long and dusty road

Costa Rica

We are back on the road again after a lovely time relaxing on the beach with Hugh and Steph, and it was definitely needed after our adventure down the Nicoya peninsula. We now have just a few more days cycling down the coast before we cross into Panama.

The beach at Samara, we had a good time here, our campsite was right on the beach, so each day started with an early morning swim….

..and an attempted surf by Rusty.

A few morning bench presses on the jungle gym!

Beach front accommodation.

We decided to take a little adventure and cycle the coast road. We had been warned of gravel and river crossings. This was the start of a long day.

The first of a few river crossings. It was quite refreshing in the heat, then cycling with soggy shoes!

“How many more hills?”

This was a great bit of the ride, the end of the hills, we just had to wait for low tide!

Coyote beach, Nicoya.

It was a tough ride down the coast, but the rewards were great, beaches to ourselves!

San Miguel beach, Nicoya.

Lucky this was a dead one!

Cool swimming waterfalls at Montezuma.

Hermit crabs at work.

Mondy and the Cat, Casa Zen.

Lorely’s brother Hugh and his wife Steph safely arrived bringing all the bike supplies that were needed.

Gekko monster.

Golden sunset over Santa Teresa.

On the way to Jaco, luckily we saw these crocs after our river crossings!

Nicoya Peninsula.





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