The colours of Cartagena.


We arrived safely in Cartagena, Colombia which is lovely and we have had a good time exploring the town, and getting a few jobs done, like finding funny sized bolts which had gone missing after the flight,and even managing to get a needed yellow fever injection! Our Spanish has hardly improved but with lots of sign language we always seem to get by! So here are a few pictures from our time off the bikes in Panama city and Cartagena.

The Panama canal, its pretty impressive watching the huge boats coming in  and the trains that help keep them in position, a bit more complicated than the Kennet and Avon!

The lock house,with one of the little trains!

Looking out over the new town.

The infamous Coca Cola cafe which is said to have had the name before Coca Cola! Weather this is true or not, it’s a great place to watch the locals and good coffee.

Panama city graffiti.

Putting the bikes back together at the airport, it was a bit of a pain boxing the bikes up but we were able to ride away from the airport with just one bolt missing!

Colourful streets of Cartagena.

And colourful fruit sellers in the park.

Watching the football in the local shop.

Our new favorite snack, Arepa, a corn cake stuffed with cheese and butter on top.

Cartagena is full of scultures this is one by Fernando Botero, also a famous painter.

More art work around the old town.

Everything is colourful here,even a bookstall.

Cartagena, Columbia.

Cartagena, Columbia

Every house is a different colour and as you move away from the tourist areas the paint is peeling away a bit more but somehow there is more charm here.

More food delights!

Cartagena, we have had a great time here,and although it looks like we have some very wet cycling days coming up, we are looking forward to being back on the bikes tomorrow.

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