a spanner in the spokes….


Since our last blog we have  had a rather big twist in our trip.  Back in Panama, most days I had been feeling not my normal self but put it down to long days riding in the heat, however this continued into Colombia. I eventually found out I was a couple of months pregnant! We rode to Bogota to try to get the necessary check ups. After much deliberation we decided we still wanted to cycle but Latin America was posing too many problems. So a cheapish flight to Madrid was our decision and to cycle home from there. We left Colombia a little sad but very excited about the future and hopefully one day will be back to finish the journey south.

Craving fresh fruit and veggies, we found an amazing vegetarian restaurant for our last few days in Bogota.

Puppet on a wire.

New Jeans and a new city, we are back in Europe!

The Palace in Madrid. Note the lovely blue sky which soon disappeared as we got back on the bikes.

Beautiful magnolia in the park.

As we headed out of Madrid and towards the mountains, the Colombian off road theme continued and we soon found ourselves back on gravel roads.

The scenery was totally different to what we had become used to, we road through rolling farmlands…

 Lovely towns and tiny villages all with beautiful churches and houses.

It was funny to the see similar buildings and plazas that we were so used to seeing in all the colonial towns we had travelled through.

Cycling through the poppy fields, trying to out run the storm clouds!

The national park,  Canon Del Rio Lobos.

Canon Del Rio Lobos.

We decided to take the mountain bike trail through the national park.

Concentration! Still finding rivers to cross but no worries of crocs in these ones!

Up through the beautiful Canyon.

A very wet day but a very lovely ride, through the mountains.

We thought the riding would be a little bit easier in spain, however with stong headwinds and some high mountain passes we were in for a shock, but the views have been great, lots of wild flowers and food we have been dreaming for months of eating!!

Our downhill descent into the Basque region.

Picture perfect villages.

Mutriku, back on the coast and heading towards France.

The cause of the detour! In Bogota we were lucky to stay with great warmshower host, Angelica and Claudio who helped us so much with the doctors. I was able to go for a scan and have all the necessary blood tests.

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