The start of the lower 48!!

Canada, USA

Our journey through Canada has finished and we have started the next stage, which will take us down the Pacific coast to Mexico! As well as the beautiful views the thing we will remember most about Canada is the hospitality of people, who have not only helped us on the way, but have taken us into their homes and really looked after us, it has been amazing. We are now spending a few days in Seattle, it is good fun wandering in the  big cities after spending the last couple of months in the countryside. It’s great to get the mix of both.  The last few weeks have been easy cycling with ferry rides between the islands and a chance to have a few more rest days!

Porteau Cove Beach, Vancouver.

Alice Lake B.C.

Modern art in Vancouver

Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park.

The perfect driftwood seat, shame it wouldn’t fit on the bikes!

The lovely home of Ken and Lynne, who took us in for the night.

Camping on Salt Spring Island.

The houseboats on Vancouver Island, a little bit different from Annie Dolly!!

Antique shop in Sidney, Vancouver Island.

Chewing gum! Post Alley, Downtown Seattle.

The Green Tortoise Hostel, Downtown Seattle.

More gum!!

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