On a bed of Californian stars….



Our ride has taken us down the Californian coast and the misty cliffs of Northern California have given way to the palm tree lined streets of Southern California. The road has rolled along the coast sometimes quite narrow but always giving us great views and plenty of excuses to rest while taking photos!

Highway one, Big Sur.

Another photo stop!

Took this photo while waiting for the washing to dry at the Laundromat!

Lorely was map reading again!!

Pumpkins are a really big deal deal here, we have been past so many pumpkin patches.

Street art, Monterey.

Mail boxes, Big Sur.

Big Sur Coast, a really great ride it is so beautiful.

A very wet day, but luckily there was a group of us so set up a colourful tarp covering at the camp!

The next day the clouds rolled away and it was just lovely.

McCay Canyon.

Inside the all American diner, Oceano.

Russ fixing his bike out side a bike shop in Santa Barbara.

The hiker biker site at Refugio State Beach.

Santa Barbara.

Carpinteria State Beach.

The shed, Patagonia, where it all began, Ventura.

Fields of turf!!

So this is Hollywood!

Amoeba Music store.

Where’s Wally!

Malibu, California

“Until things are brighter I’m the man in black.”

Street art.

Hollywood Blvd.






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