Baja, Mexico


Just over 4000 miles, we have crossed into Mexico! Its great to be here and it is so different from America, all new food, sounds and smells, dusty streets and very friendly smiling faces. We crossed the border with 6 other cyclists, two of whom finished their trip from Alaska at the Mexican border so we had a celebratory taco lunch before the rest of us continued on down the Baja penninsula. Our first morning was already a sign of what is to come as the road we wanted to be on did not allow bicycles which was a shame as there was hardly any traffic and a good shoulder, but this is Mexico and no bicycles just means you can’t be seen joining the road at the toll booth, instead we had to  climb over a small wall, through a broken fence, up a tiny path and onto the road!!  Its was all good fun and really got us in the mood for travelling.  The welcome here has been fantastic as well, lots of waving and friendly horns from the passing traffic. Not sure how often we will get to upload photos but here are a few of our first days here and a few from San Deigo….

Welcome to Mexico.

Just as we crossed the border, looking for Tacos!

Crazy american roads in San Diego.

Graffiti in San Diego

Dusty road on the way Santa Tomas

Russ watching Pedro playing guitar, we had planned to camp in this park, but Pedro invited us back to his house and all six of us slept on the floor in his shed!! Which was great and a lot warmer as we are now getting frosts in the mornings.

Football on the beach at Santa Maria..

Baja Califonia, Mexico..

Supper time, with bikes and bags everywhere!

The best part of climbing hills, the view at the top and then the downhill!

Santa Tomas.

On the road! Megs and Russ.


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