down to the ocean….


We have swapped the cool mountain air for the hot tropical coast of the Pacific . After a month and a half of cycling through beautiful colonial mining towns and through arid mountain desert, it took us a two day journey over a high pass and a long down hill descent to Port Angel back on the Pacific coast (which makes easier navigational skills for Lorely to keep the ocean on her left again!) We left Mexico city after a really good week walking and exploring the different galleries and suburbs some of which were surprisingly peaceful in such a busy city. We checked out the local sports of wrestling and football at the Aztec stadium. Cycling out of the city was easier than at first thought and we soon found our selves on the long up hill to Puebla but were rewarded with a lovely 30km down hill.

Cycling through Mexico City.

The cool shady tree-lined square in Puebla.

In every square in every city in Mexico there are people selling balloons, some times we have seen up to 10 – 15 people selling all the same balloons.

Oaxaca, we decided to catch the bus here as we both picked up colds and figured a few days rest in a relaxed but well stocked town was what we need. There was also the best stocked bike shop which we have found since America with all the little things we needed.

Russ wandering through the food stalls, Oaxaca.

The local speciality here were ‘grasshoppers’, you could even get them on your pizza.

The church of Santo Domingo de Guzman at night. The most impressive interior so far of the many churches we have seen.

Back out on the road again. Which felt better after our rest and to be heading towards the coast.

Views of the mountains as we headed up over the hills.

Making friends with all along the road!

We reached the top of the pass after a long climb and descended over 2500m to the little town of Candelaria where we camped in the garden of a hotel. It was a hot sweaty night as we had come down into the tropics but it felt new and exciting with the buzz of insects and new bird songs.

So after 6000 miles and the mountains of Mexico a well deserved cerveza on the beach.

The sea port town of Puerto Angel.

We had a great couple of days here snorkeling, swimming and just relaxing.

Early starts are a must as the temperature soon rises and gets hot to cycle. Once we have dragged ourselves out of bed it is lovely to cycle in the sunrise.

A shady rest stop for lunch.

Still the mountains follow us!

Russ, Megs and Jules.

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