Off to Central America………..


Only have a few more days cycling left in Mexico before we cross over the border to Guatemala, we have had a brilliant time here, although our spanish is not good enough for us to understand the conversations, the smiling faces are easy to translate and we have felt really welcome, but we are excited about the next stage, off to Central America!

San Cristobal de las Casas, a fantastic little town, having a few days here, getting ready!

San Cristobel, we didn′t stay down on the levels for long, and were soon climbing back up into the mountains, but it was worth it.

Panam Riders!

Cooling off!

Back up to the mountains.

Cycling in really strong cross winds, when I stopped to take this photo is was hard to hold the bike up!

Canon del Sumidero at Chiapa de Corzo

Chiapa de Corzo

Coconut stall, yummy!

Its always hard cycling in the mountains but the views make up for it.

Early morning colours.

The market in San Cristobel, you can get lost here for hours.

Everything has its own section in the market, this is the candle section.

Candles ,candles and more candles.

Fruit and fresh veg is the thing we miss the most when we are cycling, so its great when we see this!

Now we are in basket street!

Not the vegetarians favorite part. ‟The sun ain′t yellow it′s chicken!‟

One of my favorite images from Mexico, Virgin de Guadalupe, you can see her everywhere.

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